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Gibson Saw Repair is proud to offer a variety of repair and sharpening services to tradesmen, homeowners, and hobbyists throughout the Tallahassee area. If you are in need of a blade sharpening service, our team is the most dedicated to providing high-quality services you’ll find in Northern Florida. From kitchen knives to professional carbide blades, router bits, and lawn tools, we are your one-stop shop for repairs, sharpening, and other accessories that you may need.

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Saw & Blade Repair

Not only may your blades become dull over time, but they may also chip or become rusty, making it more difficult and more dangerous to use them for any kind of project or task. Our team at Gibson Saw Repair is experienced in repairing saws, blades, and more for homeowners, hobbyists, and tradesmen in and around Tallahassee. If you’re interested in learning more about our repair services, give us a call today.


Blade Sharpening

Over time and with consistent use, blades of any kind can become rusted and dull. There are many different ways to sharpen your dull blades, and at Gibson Saw Repair, we have the tools and equipment necessary to sharpen all kinds of blades. From kitchen knives to lawnmower blades, table saws, chainsaw chains, and more — Gibson Saw Repair offers high-quality sharpening services at an affordable price. Don’t spend extra money on new blades when you can get your blades sharpened by our experts at a fraction of the cost. Stop by and see us today.


Knives, Router Bits, Planers, & More

No matter what type of blade you need to be repaired or sharpened, Gibson Saw Repair can handle it. Beyond these services, we also provide a number of knives, new blades, and other accessories in our Tallahassee shop. When it comes to cutting-edge customer service and a team you can count on, there’s no better choice than Gibson Saw Repair.


Ripping blades, Combination blades, Cross cut blades

Ripping blades is for making long cuts with minimum heat buildup.

Combination blades is for ripping and cross cutting.

Cross cutting blades is for cutting across the grain of wood.


What Sets Us Apart?

At Gibson Saw Repair, we’re not your average blade sharpening specialists or saw repair experts. We are a family-owned and operated business that’s been providing quality services to our customers for nearly 60 years. We can sharpen just about anything and for a much more affordable price than some of our competitors. No matter what kind of blade, tool, knife, or piece you need to be sharpened or repaired, we can help you out. Stop by and see us and become part of the Gibson Saw Repair family today.

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Our team at Gibson Saw Repair is ready to help you with any blade sharpening or saw repair services you need! If you have questions, please reach out to us today or stop by our Tallahassee shop to say hello!